Your Ice Cream Can Travel
By Kathy Chin Leong

ProductsMar12-2.jpgLooking for a cool gift to send to someone who has everything? Parfait, a new ice cream company based in Seattle, now sells organic ice creams with innovative flavors that will appeal to the advanced foodies in your group.

We loved the idea of these intriguing icy treats with names such as orange anise, Earl Grey tea, fleur de caramel, decadent chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and more. In a taste test with friends, we gave thumbs up to the mint chocolate that tasted so fresh, we knew for sure that real mint leaves were used in the production of the batch. My friend Michelle B. gave top honors to the Earl Grey tea that leaves a lingering tea taste at the tip of your tongue after your initial taste.

Produced in small pints, each Parfait flavor tastes extremely fresh, fills your mouth with a light blissful texture. It is not too sweet. yet bold in flavor. The accent flavors such as the star anise in the orange star anise is subtle, yet distinct.

The toffee in the butter toffee flavor is amazingly crunchy and buttery. I liked the idea that the vendor makes her own toffee in house for the product.

ProductsMar12-1.jpgAnd while we are talking about ingredients, the company stresses that it uses local, organic ingredients such as fresh cream, milk, sugar, eggs, honey, and more.  This is so natural, you would think that this ice cream would be healthy for you.

So if you want to order this and have it delivered to your home or a friend's home, the address needs to be in either Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern Cal, western Montana, Northern Nevada, or western Wyoming. There are at least a dozen flavors, and they will rotate flavors according to the freshest season. You may have to wait for that pumpkin spice for now.

A minimum order for sending requires four pints at $10 each, not including shipping and handling. I assure you, the dry ice does keep the batch very frozen. It's a cool gift, and an unforgettable one.



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