Book Review: Frommer’s 500 Travel Series Hits the Mark
By Kathy Chin Leong

ConsumerJun10-2.jpgNext time you are in a bookstore travel section, be sure to grab a copy of the Frommer’s 500 Places series of books that deliver on practical tips and fascinating jaunts from all over the world. With titles such as 500 Places for Food and Wine Lovers, 500 Places to Take Your Kids before they Grow Up, 500 Places to See before They Disappear, and 500 Adrenaline Adventures, these reads make for low cost entertainment when you are sitting by the pool watching the kids or planning a celebratory excursion.

Parents who struggle with where to go on vacation with their little ones will gain a boatload of ideas with 500 Places to Take Your Kids before they Grow Up. The sections in this 568-page treatise are organized according to topical interest: awesome vistas, exploring scenery, historical America, and so on. Pertinent websites, phone numbers, and valuable info that will put a parent at ease are all in this pocket-sized paperback.

The books are meant to also be dog-eared as you add favorite destinations on your bucket list. In 500 Places for Food and Wine lovers, Frommer’s writers cover tempting hot spots in Spain, New York, Iceland, even Chiang Mai. Listings of kitchen shops, wineries, culinary schools, markets, farms, and food festivals cover every cuisine imaginable.

The volume, 500 Places to See before They Disappear, 472 pages, is exactly what the back cover says is "a celebration of the world’s most fragile wonders." From giant pandas in Wolong, China to Sherwood Forest in England, the entries offer detailed descriptions, history, nearby lodging, and what makes these places so special.

In 500 Adrenaline Adventures, 440 pages, I’m amazed at all the things you can still do with families in this book without losing your lunch. From snowtubing in North Carolina to riding the speedy Star Flyer amusement park ride in Copenhagen, Denmark, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy reading about these incredible adventures and smiling to yourself thinking, "Maybe some day…"

At approximately $20 each, these books are essential companions to the home library for anyone who is willing to dream big and live large.



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