Ever since I got my first set of wheels (tricycle wheels that is), I've always wanted to be on the move. If you are like me, you yearn to escape to destinations both near and far. You aren't afraid to ask a proprietor for a behind-the-scenes tour nor afraid to sample pickled watermelon rind if that's the town's local specialty. Bay Area Family Travel is born out of my love for my family, travel, and writing.

What's inside BAFT? We will focus on a specific Bay Area locale for our monthly cover story. And in the How-to with Kids department, writers provide the essentials on how to ski with kids, camp with kids, visit museums with kids...you get the idea. And of course, moms and dads need a break sometimes, so in Parent Getaways, we give you great ideas on places to go for special birthdays, anniversaries, and R&R. The Consumer Lookout section provides up-to-date travel warnings, product reviews, and topics concerning those surprise situations we all encounter when on the road.

BAFT is not a travel agency, so you won't be booking vacations off this site, but every place mentioned is road-tested by the author or contributor.

Bay Area Family Travel promises to be fun, but substantial; slightly irreverent, but honest. Whether its a Saturday outing to Tiburon or a week rafting in Fiji, BAFT is your resource guide to unforgettable journeys. Happy trails to you travel-smitten families!

Kathy Chin Leong

BAFT Executive Editor

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