You Won't Get the Blues Watching Blue Man Group
By Kathy Chin Leong

StatesNevJan13-1.jpg"Now with balls." This is the tag line for the banners announcing the Blue Man Group now playing at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas. It is, by far, the most family-friendly, innovative, and entertaining show in town.

This new show, "now with balls," features a giant eyeball wearing a knit cap with pigtails that floats above the audience before the 90-minute laughfest begins. Then comes another eyeball that is much bigger in size, and it's up to you to figure out if this is the "mother" .

Blue Man Group has been in existence for over a decade. The cast consists of musicians in the background and three guys dressed in tights and with blue faces and hands. They mime everything using a series of props both big and small.

As in every Blue Man performance, audience participation is inevitable whether you like it or not. Volunteers from the audience who are pulled on stage or highlighted with a camera are not belittled or humiliated. The three blue guys jump into the audience with poker faces that never shake their composure as they step on the backs of seats and lean on people's heads to walk through the crowds, looking for the perfect suspect to haul onto the stage. The blue men know how to be funny without pulling nasty punches or making sexual innuendo. They are a riot with a variety of sketches and rhythmic beating performances that use tubes, and drums with paint...plenty of paint.

StatesNevJan13-2.jpgBackground music is techno hip and at times a bit loud, so do bring earplugs if you are noise sensitive. While there is no singular story and no words spoken at all, the different sketches bring to light the theme that there is so much technology people forget to relate to each other. Hence, social dependenc on texting, the iPad, cell phones, and robots are given ample roasting and skewering. New this year is another character, a female robot with dreadlocks who appears in several skits.

At the end of the show, with no intermission, a huge audience particpation finale brings much laughter and smiles. I won't ruin it for you. If you do nothing else in Vegas, do make a point of seeing and hanging out with the Blue Man Group, where you will never feel blue at all.

Blue Man Group
Monte Carlo Hotel
3770 Las Vegs Blvd South
Las Vegas
Tickets start at $65 and go to $140.
VIP Backstage Experience $236.50
Phone: 877/459-0268

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