Alpine Meadows and Snow Park Technologies open Lake Tahoe’s Mile-Long Terrain Park


Firing Line, the much-anticipated mile-long park is now open at Alpine Meadows. Designed under the guidance of Alpine’s Terrain Park Manager, Jonahs David, and Snow Park Tech (SPT) Project Manager, Corley Howard, this new addition is a mile-long consecutive run including more than 40 features designed for the intermediate to advanced snowboarder.

Firing Line, accessed via the Summit Chair, includes a series of jumps, jibs, wall rides, hips, and more. "You'll be able to get really creative with your lines and ride the park in a lot of different ways," says Squaw and Alpine team rider, Pat Moore. "I'm excited to have a lengthy park to get long, fun runs with my friends. Having a mile-long park means more opportunities to learn tricks and less time on the chairlift."

The mile-long park is the only one of its kind in Tahoe, and will resemble a slopestyle course with different sizes of jumps side-by-side, and many unique jib features that won't be found anywhere else. Features currently installed include a large S-rail, canon tube, wrecking ball, hitching post, oil drum, and various rails and boxes. Some features are built with recycled snowmaking pipe, lending another unique touch by incorporating a sustainable material.

Terrain Park Manager, Jonahs David, has worked closely with his crew and SPT, the leader in snow park building for more than 15 years, to ensure the best flow and setup throughout the lengthy run.

"I’ve always liked the idea of a long park with a ton of options," says David. "Our goal is to have a top-to-bottom park that rivals any other park out there. We are trying to match our world-class terrain with a world-class terrain park." David and his on-site crew of 17 will continue around the clock, testing the setup and changing out features to keep it interesting and exciting throughout the season.

"Our goal is to provide many options with a good flow," said David. "We have a foundation of jumps and snow features that we set all our jibs around. We try to swap jibs out every couple weeks to keep it from getting stale." David also said they are planning on doing a big rebuild in spring to match the snow conditions.

In addition to the Firing Line, Alpine also has a separate small progression park for beginners called Cannonball and a jib arena, dubbed The Barracks, at the base of the mountain. There is also a start park, Boot Camp, which is a dedicated teaching terrain with micro-features, gentle transitions, soft pitches and signage that explains how to ride the features.



Alpine Meadows
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