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Kiss-U Tissues to the rescue

East coast mom Amy Davis was driving one day when she was struggling to find her tissue pack. She almost got into an accident, and what was a problem turned into an opportunity. Davis, who was working on her MBA at the time, came upon an idea that would save moms and dads and allergy sufferers and drivers everywhere. Enter Kiss-U Tissues, a reusable cylindrical tissue holder that, at first glance, resembles a colorful travel mug.

Available at Walgreens and other stores, the $2.49 tissue holder comes in a variety of patterns - cool argyle diamonds, mod circles, zebra, plaid, tropical fauna, and many more. As many concerned moms are aware of the need to lessen the carbon footprint and be eco-friendly, she created the product to be made of recycled cardboard, and it is able to be refilled. The bottom pops out so you can put in the $1.59 refill which stashes conveniently in your glove compartment.

So, I am using the Kiss-U boxes now. Yes, the tube fits in my cupholder, but once I put it there, I have nowhere else to put my coffee. It's a choice. Another problem crops up when I pull out a tissue, and the entire tube comes out of the cup holder and falls to the car floor. It rolls around until I stop and place it back inside.

I wonder if this happens with other boxes as well. If the tissues are all packed tightly, it can be a repeated problem.

But the advantage is that, yes, during allergy season or whenever I need a tissue, the tube is evidently right there between the driver and passenger seat, and it is easily accessible. The tube is colorful and always gets great comments like, "What's that? Wow! That's cool." So if you are one of those carpool moms looking for cool mom points, this will land you quite a few.

For families with little kids in tow, this is an excellent product to keep on hand. It doesn't crush easily, it is pretty, and it is convenient. You never know when you will need a tissue to wipe up a cough or a sniffle. Way to go, Amy!


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