Travel Tips: Ways to Save
when Booking Trips
By Barry Boone

Do you ever struggle with how to save a buck when you are planning a vacation? While we want to have a good time with the kids, we parents want to make sure we get the best deals while on the road. Here are a few salient tips to stop excess greenback bleeding:
1. Shop around. When booking air travel or hotel reservations, it is helpful to check both travel agency websites (such as Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz) as well as the website for the actual hotel or airline. Sometimes you will find better prices on one or the other that can amount to significant savings. Keep in mind that some airlines do not participate in sites like Expedia or Travelocity. It can make a lot of sense to check those airlines directly as well since they include discounters such as Southwest Airlines.

2. Check for promotional codes. Always check a coupon website such as for a coupon for the airline or hotel or car rental company you are considering, or for the travel agency website. It was not that long ago I saw a coupon for $200 off if you booked a hotel and air trip for 3 or more days through one of the travel agency websites, and I recently used a coupon for $50 for a two night hotel stay if I paid with a certain type of credit card.

3. Call directly for deals. Consider calling the airline or hotel directly to see if you can get a better rate. If it is close to the travel date, a hotel will sometimes offer you a better deal to fill up unbooked rooms.

4. Extend your stay, shop for packages. Generally speaking, the longer your trip, and the more services you are bundling, the better package deals you can find. Be sure to shop around when booking these trips as the savings you can find on them (between coupons and/or package deals) can be very substantial. In fact, sometimes extending your trip an extra day can end up being less expensive than the shorter trip.

5. Switch up your dates. Some airlines and hotels vary their prices considerably on different days of the week, be sure to check prices on different travel dates if your schedule is flexible.


Barry Boone is owner and founder of, a website clearinghouse for promotional codes that directs shoppers to timely bargains and discount codes.
















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