Vacation rental travelers relax more in house rental accommodations, saysWyndham Vacation Rentals Study

In a recent survey among Wyndham Vacation Rentals customers, 92 percent stressed that staying in a vacation home provided more relaxation compared to other types of accommodations. 

The study revealed that having access to a kitchen is a major stress reliever, according to 94 percent of vacation rental responders. Of those travelers, 73 percent attributed the lower stress to being able to save money. On average, vacation rental travelers reported savings of $742 over the course of a week by preparing several meals themselves. In addition, going out to eat can be stressful because of wait times. Others also said diets and allergies were a concern.  Some 59 percent said they liked having a kitchen because they could cater to everyone's food issues and sensitivities and prepare healthier meals.

When answering questions about companions, the report reveals that women are less likely to bring in-laws and more likely to bring their own parents and friends.  And men, meanwhile, are more open to bringing a housekeep or babysitter along.Older travelers want to bring their friends. Surprisingly, the older vacation rental avelers get, the more likely they are to want to take friends on vacation. Of those aged 25-34, 26% were most likely to want friends with them on vacation, compared to 29% of those ages 35-54, and 36% of those ages 55 and over.

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