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Hotel reviews and travel tips

Autumn: School's back in session, trips still in style

Who says fall color happens only in the East Coast?  We have early sightings of golds, reds and purples, so take heart, Bay Area!  We do get fall colors in spades. You just have to know where to go.  Let me tell you a secret: you can find these festive earth tones now at Rancho San Antonio in Los Altos.  On a recent  hike, I was amazed to see the swath of hues surrounding me at every turn.

Where to go now that the kids are in school? Get those calendars out to mark off those parent/teacher conferences , special in-service,  and other no-school days unique to your campus. Those are the times when you can escape and take advantage of off season rates and fewer crowds.  

If you are in the mood for local visits, consider returning to places you have not seen for a while. Take, for instance, the San Francisco Zoo. When is the last time you greeted its giraffes with a friendly hello?  We stop by this SF icon and bring you, "SF Zoo Brings Back Nostalgic Memories"  in our latest fall article.  

Other features include:

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*New Products: World's Most Comfy Neck Pillow, New Books on Travel 

Got a place you would love to write about? Let us know. Contact me at  I would love to hear where you've been and where you're going!

Kathy Chin Leong
Executive Editor


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